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Euro – Mediterranean Development Center (EMDC) for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises


Euro – Mediterranean Development Center (EMDC) for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises


Following pre start-up and start-up activities of the so called “Euro-Mediterranean Development Center (EMDC) for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Initiative”, implemented in the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the Milan Chamber of Commerce and the European Investment Bank (EIB) on June 27th 2011.

An official launching event of the Foundation EMDC for the Italian business community was held in Milan on October 29th 2013, at the presence of the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms Emma Bonino. The EMDC Initiative has been launched and endorsed by the Italian Government in the framework of the “Deauville Partnership”; it has been further mentioned and promoted in the framework of the G8-MENA and the “5+5 Initiative”.

 The Foundation “Euro-Mediterranean Development Center (EMDC) for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises” has been established in Milan, on June 17th 2013, by the Milan Chamber of Commerce and the Italian Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economic Development, as Founding Members, and has been officially recognized on last July 8th.

 The EMDC Initiative has obtained the official recognition (‘labelling’) of the 43 Member Countries of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), as well as of the European Commission and the Arab League, as initiative of specific interest for the promotion of socio-economic development in the Euro-Mediterranean Region, in occasion of the Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM) of the UfM, on December 4th 2012, in Barcelona.

 The ultimate goal of the EMDC Initiative is to stimulate job and value creation in the Euro-Mediterranean Region, supporting sustainable economic growth through the improvement of the commercial and financial environment for MSMEs development, strengthened business networks and shared access to knowledge and resources. MSMEs from the South and East Mediterranean Countries involved in the EMDC Initiative are the main expected beneficiaries. In addition, public and private Agencies are also expected to greatly benefit from this project, thanks to the capacity building programs deployed.


EMDC Network, Country Centers And International Unit 


A key purpose of a network-based initiative such the EMDC Initiative is the identification and promotion of potential complementarities and synergy with other relevant Agencies and Institutions, as well as already existing programs and networks for economic cooperation and MSMEs development in the Euro-Mediterranean region. Moreover, the operating principle of the EMDC Initiative is to connect the main players in the Euro-Mediterranean Region, promoting synergies between them and achieving outreach and proximity through an integrated and widespread network of Country Centers to be located in the Northern, Eastern and Southern shores of the Mediterranean.


The so-called EMDC Network includes an International Unit based in Milan, and EMDC Country Centers composed of and run by the EMDC Partner Agencies and Institutions in each interested Country of the Euro-Mediterranean Region. In particular, the EMDC Network will provide internationalization-support services such as business events (trade missions, exhibitions), tailor-made assistance for the internationalization process including market research, preliminary diagnosis, support for the development of the strategy and partners’ research, as well as business to business (B2B) strategies. To date, no. 19 EMDC Partner Agencies and Institutions supporting MSMEs from no. 9 Euro-Mediterranean Countries


Further partnership and network development will be encouraged by the Foundation EMDC and Partners towards other relevant Euro-Mediterranean public and private key-players involved in MSMEs creation, development and support.


EMDC Partners, nowadays: 


  • Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA), Albania
  • General Authority for Investment (GAFI), Industrial Modernization Centre (IMC) and Social Fund for Development (SDF), Egypt
  • Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon and Kafalat S.A.L., Lebanon
  • Malta Enterprise, Malta
  • Montenegrin Investment Promotion Agency (MIPA), Montenegro
  • Agence Nationale pour la Promotion de la Petite et Moyenne Entreprise (ANPME), Agence Marocaine de Développement des Investissements (AMDI) and Maroc Export, Morocco
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia and National Agency of Regional Development (NARD), Serbia
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Slovenia
  • Agence de Promotion de l’Industrie et de l’Innovation (API), Centre de Promotion des Exportations de la Tunisie (CEPEX), Banque de Financement des Petites et Moyennes Entreprises (BFPME), Agence de Promotion de l’Investissement Extérieur (FIPA), Agence de Promotion des Investissements Agricoles (APIA), Tunisia.


General aims and objectives of the EMDC Initiative include


  • creating and developing an environment which favors the growth, networking and exchange of entrepreneurial know-how for MSMEs in the Euro-Mediterranean region, aimed at job creation, with a specific focus on young entrepreneurship;
  • favoring MSMEs’ access to markets, including through the development of multilateral programs which extend and increase commercial relations in the Euro-Mediterranean region;
  • creating conditions that allow MSMEs in the Euro-Mediterranean region greater and easier access to financing, including by providing professional services and consultancy work (e.g., feasibility studies, business plan preparation, etc.);
  • promoting and carrying out, including directly, entrepreneurial assistance to MSMEs in the Euro-Mediterranean region, in particular with regard to logistics, information technology, as well financial, economic and legal consultancy work;
  • stimulating, facilitating and carrying out networking activities among relevant entities, whether regional, national, international or supranational, in order to assist and stimulate the growth of MSMEs in the Euro-Mediterranean region;
  • creating incentives for innovation in the Euro-Mediterranean region, including through new projects and partnerships, in order to favor the development of MSMEs in the Euro-Mediterranean region;
  • stimulating, including through the creation of an easily accessible information platform, the adoption of policies developed by national and international entities and organizations, with a view to favoring the internationalization of MSMEs in the Euro-Mediterranean region;
  • selecting and training new professionals to be introduced into the MSMEs’ network in order to encourage its development, including through projects aimed at recognizing and training new talent and professional profiles; and
  • participating in programs, projects and plans, through national, international and European Union contributions, financing and support, for the development and economic and financial cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean region and for the MSMEs in the Euro-Mediterranean region.


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